DIY PROJECT: Snowglobe Table Numbers

Add seasonal cheer to your table décor with snow globe table numbers! Snow globes are super easy tomake and add a fantastic touch of winter to your reception. In 6 quick steps, you’ll have table numbersthat guests will being gushing over for days. Best of all, these DIY snow globes are water-free, so feel free to add your desired miniature decorations!

1. Empty and clean the baby jar, and lightly spray the inside with clear enamel. Don't let it dry before the next step!

2. Sprinkle a pinch of glitter inside the jar and gently shake the jar to create an even coat of glitter.

3. Place a dot of super glue on the stump of the miniature tree. Firmly press the stump on the jarlid and let it dry for 5 minutes.

4. Place the sticker number tag inside the jar.

5. Fill the jar with two pinches of faux snowflakes, so there's enough to blanket the lid base. Shake it up! 

6. Cut 4 inches of ribbon and wrap it around the jar to create a bow.

And you're done!  We hope you enjoyed learning how to create DIY snow globe table numbers!

DIY Projects

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