How To Photograph Event Lighting

We interviewed Dalisa Cooper of Alt F Photography.  She shared her insider tips and tricks on how to capture the best photographs of wedding lighting.  Check out her advice below!

1. What are your tips for photographing event lighting?

For photographers, we use a formula that has been around since the film days.Set your base exposure for the event lighting under by one stopand then have your flash set to expose the subject correctly which will allow your subject to be brighter than the background but still capture the color and essence of the room.

2. What should you expect clients to ask about this type of photography? 

Couples may us specifically about event lighting. We are always prepared to provide a sample of an entire wedding from beginning to end.  (Think about whether youw ant to do that via full digital gallery or a printed sample album).  Some couples may also ask about challenges with lighting and how we overcame such challenges.  Lastly, we have couples that ask us for references.  Be ready with venues, planners, florists, caterers, beauty artists, etc. that can provide recommendations on their experience working with you on past weddings.

3. Why do you like shooting weddings with event lighting?

Event lighting adds a lot more dynamicandseparation of the subject from the background.It also adds drama and color theme to an event. It can create a completely different scene in a typical ballroom or in a simple space while offering a custom look to any event.

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